Health Care

Meet CMS and HIPAA requirements while integrating policy training with business process.

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Libraries organize courses by subject matter, featuring expert regulatory interpretation by company specialists, industry leaders and key government agencies.

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  • Medicare Advantage Library

    Medicare Advantage

    In this library, you will have access to a variety of Medicare Advantage eLearning courses, including those covering enrollment, disenrollment, claims, marketing, quality management, administration and management, utilization management, bids, benefits and provider issues.

    4 courses

  • Medicare Part D Library

    Medicare Part D

    This Medicare Part D eLearning Curriculum designed for the Managed Care industry fulfills the CMS requirements for training, education and documentation in a cost-effective training method.

    7 courses

  • PPACA Library


    This online library, authored by noted Health Care consultant Cherye Morgan, is designed to help your employees understand the impact of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    3 courses

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Medical Devices


Programs address specific industry needs by offering individual course combinations in convenient packages.

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  • Corporate Compliance - Plan Sponsors Program

    Corporate Compliance - Plan Sponsors

    UL’s Corporate Compliance program covers key health care ethics topics like privacy, fraud and conflicts of interest.

    5 courses

  • HR Compliance Program

    HR Compliance

    A program designed to address compliance and risk management issues while helping HR professionals improve workplace performance.

    5 courses

  • Medicare Advantage Basics Program

    Medicare Advantage Basics

    The Medicare Advantage Basics series helps fulfill CMS regulatory requirements for MA organization training, education and documentation. The Library focuses on topics such as enrollment, disenrollment, claims and marketing, and quality management.

    9 courses

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Medical Devices


Written and reviewed by subject matter experts, our courses are regularly updated to reflect the most current expectations and requirements of regulators and industry groups.

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