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DOT Hazardous Materials Training Security Awareness

About the Course

Terrorists have made it clear they will attempt to disrupt American businesses by attacking key industry lifelines, including the transportation of fuels, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. Attackers may already be planning attacks on targets like pipelines, rail tankers, trucks, or storage facilities. For this reason, persons who offer, transport, or store hazardous materials (HAZMAT) should take security awareness training to learn how to increase the security of their HAZMAT shipments. After completing this eLearning course, you will be able to recognize the factors that make a particular target attractive to attackers. This online course will also teach you about the profiles of different types of attackers and how to identify suspicious behavior. Once you understand the threats that exist if HAZMAT is stolen, used improperly, or used as a weapon, you will learn about how Security Plans and Risk Assessments help companies improve the safety of HAZMAT in transport. Finally, this online learning course will teach you about ways to improve personnel, facility, and en route security measures and identify security tips for HAZMAT shippers, receivers, and carriers.