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Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals

Courtroom Testimony

About the Course

This online course will introduce you to your role if you are called as an FDA witness. The eLearning course will help you distinguish among grand jury, deposition, declaration, and courtroom testimony. The healthcare compliance course also discusses how to: prepare for testimony; identify the fundamental characteristics of appropriate courtroom conduct; and identify the components of effective testimony. The pre-requisites for this online training course include: Tour of FDA; Orientation to FDA/ORA Fieldwork; Expected Conduct of FDA Personnel; Food and Drug Law: FDA Jurisdictions; Food and Drug Law: Prohibited Actions; Food and Drug Law: Criminal Acts Violations; Food and Drug Law: Judicial Actions; Food and Drug Law: Imports and Exports; Evidence and Proof; FDA Establishment Inspections; FDA Establishment Inspection Reports; Sample Collection; and Preparation of Analytical Worksheets (ORA U).